We are creative, hands-on and at the forefront of key issues. Our focus is not on billable hours, but measureable results.


Cascade Strategy has a proven track record as an independent leader in marketing and communications. Lead by Jon Haber, our experts know how to cut through confusing dialog and prioritize what’s essential to achieve a strong, positive outcome.

We simplify the complex.


Our approach addresses the changing political, economic and social landscape. We can help determine whether your messaging is on the right track—or headed for trouble.

We know how to evaluate threats to your brand and anticipate your competitor’s next move.

Recognizing that everything communicates—words, gestures, actions, images—we know how to engage customers and critical audiences.

In short, we simplify the complex with in-depth analysis, creative problem solving, innovative strategy and persuasive content.

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Jon Haber

President & Founder

An expert at helping businesses and organizations manage their reputations and respond to changing media and political environments, Jon Haber offers advice and assistance on branding, message development, strategic communications, online strategies, crisis communications and public policy campaign management.

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