Our Services

We have a proven track record of getting results.

Positioning to win.


The right story—delivered the right way—has the power to transform careers, companies and public opinion. The Cascade Strategy team knows how to expertly maximize opportunities and control threats.



Without research—nothing right is going to happen. We know how to strategically gather and analyze the background and data needed to keep your plan on track. We are experts in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, online surveys, in-depth interviews, web analytics and more. Knowledge is the foundation upon which every decision is made—nobody understands that better than us.


It’s the heart of what we do. We know people understand complex issues when there’s less noise and more substance. Messaging is a true art and our team has a strong track record of delivering persuasive content. We work with CEOs, COOs, CMOs and boards to create a positive sustainable voice for both publicly traded and nonprofit organizations.


Today—your brand needs to live everywhere you are, and everywhere you’re not. Take a look around and you’ll see people simultaneously working on their laptop; while checking social media on their phone; listening to music; and watching TV or a video. People experience brands more rapidly and in more places.
Brand engagement is fluid and needs to connect to something more than just a product or service. We know how to craft stories, re-frame tough debates, change minds and create new sustainable opportunities to distinguish your brand.

Sales Support

It’s more than just a toolbox. Yes, our team can deliver all the basics such as online demos, engaging websites and interactive presentations. But merely presenting your offer is not enough. Your sales team needs to build trust with prospects. That means interacting in a meaningful way and in their preferred communication channel. We can deliver a dynamic program that grows with your business.

Revenue Creation

We know how to help clients keep the cash coming in. Whether it’s funding a start-up or supporting a nonprofit, the Cascade Strategy team is constantly researching ideas to create new channels for growth. We know how to bring actionable ideas to the table such as online partnerships and social media initiatives to help organizations test ‘n’ learn what works.

Crisis Management

Every organization is vulnerable to threats and disruption. We know how to help you navigate tough situations and get ahead of a growing crisis. Our response to your problem is always fast, thorough and well-coordinated. And we go the extra step of formulating contingency plans to deal with future developments.